My Dad’s Best Intentions

My dad loved Charlie Brown and Snoopy.  Sometimes, despite his best intentions and planning, something would go awry–just like Charlie Brown.  He wouldn’t always take it that well, but eventually what ever snafu he was a part of became the family joke, eventually becoming o.k.  In actuality, everything happens for reason you just have to find the reason or learn the lesson.  At any rate, here’s a Christmas gift memory that came to me the other day, while watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas” with the boys.

Do you remember cameras that had flash bulbs that needed to be replaced after each use?  My brother and I got cameras for Christmas one year that Dad had dutifully wrapped up and put under the tree.  Where do you think he put the packages of flash bulbs (which were the square ones which rotated after the photo was taken so you could take 4 photos in a row without changing the flash, so high tech!)?  He put them in the Christmas stockings.  That wouldn’t have been such a bad idea, but for a few years the stockings seemed to be a point of contention between my paternal grandmother and my dad.  It’s actually a little blurry in my mind, but somehow she insisted we open them first and what pops out?  Flash bulbs for cameras we didn’t have, yet…Yeah!  We got cameras for Christmas!!!  Which packages do you think they are in?  My poor Dad–he looked a little crestfallen, at first, but we had an instantaneous good laugh about it and moved on.  He always tried so hard, even though he pretended to be such a grinch about Christmas!

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