Mystery Garbage Man

Last week I was driving up Central when I saw an old man emptying his suitcase into a public garbage can on the Bridle Path.  He was systematically taking clothes, still on hangers, and putting them into the garbage can by a bus stop.  He had a rolling suitcase with him and another carry-on piece and looked like he was going on a trip.  Perhaps he escaped from the old folks home.  I don’t know.  He filled the garbage can pretty quickly.  Did he accidentally take someone else’s luggage and then not know what to do with it, deciding to ditch it at the last minute?  Was ridding himself of his former life?  I have to say it was an odd sight–even more so because he was so methodical about the whole process.  The clothes were spilling out of the can for a couple of days after so it gave me extra time (and physical reminders) to think about this odd  and frail man.  I’m sure he had a reason and of course I wonder what it was.

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