New Year’s Review and Handbag Power

I love this!  The ladies at Lockheart sent this out for New Year’s Day and I couldn’t agree with them more (especially the ones with handbag and dogs).  The bottom has been cut off of this copy, which said, “Pay it forward.”  While I agree with the concept, I have a difficult time with the tired phrasing.  I know!  Let it go!  However, for me, it’s right up there with, “That’s so random” and “If you will.”  But, there you have it.

The chopped off copy bothered me so much I didn’t post this on New Year’s as planned, but it still works for me.  If you’re one of those who enjoy training or taunting yourself with resolutions, this is a good time to reflect on what’s worked and what hasn’t and, perhaps, reassess.  Good luck and change that handbag!

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