Once upon a middle name: now you have one

A coopers hawk perched on the cupola of a gazebo, surrounded by pine tree branches with blue sky and clouds peeking between.
I can see a bird in the clouds–can you?

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who had no middle name. Of course her classmates thought she was lying, hiding something horrible. There were days she wished she had a terrible middle name, so she could commiserate. She would have something to share and would not be called a liar, which in her world was right up there as one of the more terrible fates.

Liar, liar, pants on fire!

But, who is the true liar? 🤔

Her father, who hated his middle name and made a mockery of it much to his mother’s and his wife’s dismay, was adamant that his children would not have middle names. 🙅‍♂️

Dear Reader, this caused more problems than it was supposed to fix. It didn’t even “fix” the original issue…

“They’ll be teased by their classmates for their middle names,” he tells the little girl’s mother who was looking forward to their children to having them. (Her culture did not have middle names)

Oh, the irony!

Alas, this little girl had to wait until she got married to have a middle name. She moved her maiden name to “middle name” status and adopted her husband’s last name. Honestly, it didn’t make things much better because she still had “name” issues thereafter…

However, some funny things happened along the way.

When the now-grown woman announced her engagement, one of her coworkers came up with the nickname Chicken Ala King. She thought that was a riot as well as incredibly clever. She had always told people how to spell her maiden name by instructing, “chicken” without the “C.”

Chickens are forever with this “little girl.” 🐓

Viva la chicken!

(I won’t even try to translate “chicken”–I looked it up and some of the translations…)

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  1. My middle name is Anne, with an “e.” I always had to say that because people would spell it without the “e.” When I went to work at Leybold Heraeus in Pennsylvania, I met a woman who became one of my dearest friends. Her first name was Anne, with an “e.” That’s what she said every time she introduced herself. I think that “e” is what bonded us!

    1. I love that! To good friends 🥰🥳

      It is hard to have to correct others about something constantly–or proactively halt an error in process. It becomes a “tick” of sorts, lol. Funny thing is, you found a dear friend though it and I have years of chicken stories 🐓 Years 😁.

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