Painting Your Path: March Member Spotlight

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Writing has brought up a lot of personal bugaboos and old stories necessitating a fair amount of super helpful coaching. Different coaches with different approaches. Lol, I didn’t intend for that to rhyme, but I like it! What’s interesting is that I go into these various coaching containers for one thing (for example, I “need” to get back to writing!) and come out having worked on something seemingly entirely different. What I’ve learned is that what helps a person individually eventually bleeds into all areas of life, including your craft and your ability to show up for it.

Being visible was hard at first. It still is. Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey helped me find ways to chip away at that reticence. In fact, she’s the catalyst for this post on Instagram. In light of being seen and heard, Clarissa has been showcasing her current and former coaching clients in her newsletters, and I had the privilege of being the showcase for March.

Clarissa shares these spotlights in her newsletter and I wanted to share it with you. I did some one-on-one coaching with her back in 2021. Group coaching was a no-cost extra as part of the individual coaching. Not only did I get personalized help, I met and brainstormed with some really nice and talented people.

I’ve copied and pasted Clarissa’s newsletter that went out to her subscribers.

You can find Clarissa on Instagram and LinkedIn and all the podcast places (here’s a link to it on Spotify). She also has a free guide called Painting Your Path asking the question, Am I living the life I want?

Clarissa’s newsletter:

If you’re new here, each month I’m spotlighting a current or former client. I can tell you about my wins, and I don’t want this to be a big “me” fest. I want you to see what’s possible for you when you decide to go for your dreams and vision!

This month I’m highlighting Ami Hicken King.

Clarissa’s VA created the images above.

Here’s a peek into what Ami has been up to since our time together, in her words. I bolded the bits that really stood out to me!

This past year has been a lot of pushing to get outside of my box. Writing isn’t just about writing; it’s also about connecting which requires stretch and occasionally doing new things. For me, that’s showing my face.

While I’ve always been social media and camera shy, I finally got up the nerve to be more active on socials, plus post pics of myself and go live. For example, I did my first Instagram Live with Clarissa; was a bonus speaker on her summit; and was Britanni’s guest on the Zarlequan podcast/YouTube channels. 

Now, if I could only change my profile icon to actual pic of me…😁

Crucial conversations, The Hype File, and celebration are tools that I continue to use after our work together.

The Hype File is something I try to be proactive about because there’s a warmth in knowing that I have a file that I can turn to when I really need it. Just knowing I have it is a magic of its own.

Celebration is a hard one, but it’s so helpful when I feel like I’m not making progress–I remind myself of the little things I have done and cheer. This has helped me through the past couple of years. That and consistency. Continuing to show up to the blog (Curiosities); newsletter (The Friday Tomfoolery); as well as leaning into humor, laughter, and finding joy in seemingly little things (birds, clouds, an interesting word or image) keeps the momentum and motivation going.

I’ve had to till the soil and replant myself after a lot of life-changing events. It’s funny how writing (in general) forced me to dig deeper into old stories and unearthed things that I thought I had taken care of. I had made progress on a lot of that, weeding the proverbial garden of old stories and gathering seeds of new ones to plant. However, I was tested when my brother and I had to hospice my mom in her home which unearthed all the things, including dynamics that no longer served. It’s as if I “went to jail; did not pass go; and did not collect $200.” It felt like being thrown back to square one. But it wasn’t. I had to keep in mind that progress isn’t linear, and I had the tools. I was much further down the path this time and I wasn’t at square one.

Sure, I was being sorely tested but this was a continuation of the work I faced when I started writing and continued to work on with coaching. My mom’s death and taking care of her estate forced me to look at myself more critically. Really take the pause and be more discerning with my choices and the way I spoke to myself.

Water, fertilize, and allow the seeds (new/true/my own stories) to officially take root.

I’m creating a stronger foundation from which to work and grow, using all those tools and returning to an experimental curiosity that I’d put on the back burner. Leaning into my feelings and emotions was difficult at first because that wasn’t something my family “did.” However, I actively used the tools from coaching (vs. just thinking about them). This was a big win, but it’s not something that’s necessarily tangible or visible to those who don’t know me. It’s a paradigm shift but a huge one that has laid a stronger foundation for me to build on. 

My second book had been periodically languishing while I’ve worked out these emotional, psychological,and relational issues, but I also feel that it’s the better for it. My ego begs to disagree as does my inner critic, wishing that there was something flashy to show for this good work. What they don’t realize is that sometimes, this quiet work is what you need to achieve the more outward wins. Plus, it’s no longer their turn. They’ve been hogging the floor for so many years and served their purpose in their own way. I’m here for these “quiet” wins and tilling the soil, spring will soon be here as will my second novel, The Lawman (summer 2024).

Kudos Ami for all that you’ve done and continue to work through!

Cheers to you,


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