I love that today’s word of the day is Pinkerton! I’m currently plotting out my third book in the Lawlessness & the Law series featuring Travis, the U.S. Marshall. His heroine is a Pinkerton agent and isn’t what Travis expects her to be or judges her as. She’s also a strong woman, not to be controlled. Travis is her complete opposite–he was the controlled and exacting character introduced in The Reluctant Bandit, Book 1 Lawlessness & the Law. He’s instrumental in helping Charlie and Annabelle in Book 1 as well as Charlie’s brother, Jimmy, in Book 2. Soon to be released.

Allan Pinkerton, President Lincoln, and Maj. Gen. John A. McClernand
From Word of the Day (their image: Picture taken between 1860 and 1865
Photo: Mathew Brady
Colorized with

Book 3 of the series has an enemies to lovers trope; bits of period-appropriate humor; and the suspense, drama, and Territorial Arizona setting that the previous two books have. All the books in this series are stand alone stories with characters somehow connected to the crooked business magnate, Mack Pennington. We find out what happens to Pennington in Book 4, where his son, Sheriff O’Donnell, gets his own story as well as closure.

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