Pirate Saga, continued…

I went back for a checkup and K said to me, “Oh, I have something from L for you.” She handed me a piece of paper, which is the image above. Lol. Unfortunately, K said I was “too quick” walking from my car to the office that she didn’t have time to put on an eye patch (see parts I and II for the full story/explanations).

I have to go back next week to take Chia for an eyeglass adjustment. Guess who’s getting little packets of Pirate’s Booty? Yup. The whole office. I feel like Rip Taylor bringing in snack bags of Pirate’s Booty. Arrggh, a bag for you and a bag for you, tossing them around the office. I’d say Oprah Winfrey, but these are snacks, not something fancy, and I’m letting loose a little wackier and campier side, like Rip Taylor (although I do have a serious side, promise). I’ve always dug his confetti antics. I had a very tidy and “controlled” childhood that I must be rebelling against these days. No joke. Because of that, this is one of my favorite emojis: 🥳 Not only does it have a purple hat and a noise-maker, there’s confetti! 🏴‍☠️ Sidenote: I had to get over the fact that it looked like a birthday celebration emoji–I’m not a fan of celebrating my birthday and it’s not because I grow older with each birthday.

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