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40 copies of The Reluctant Bandit on a kitchen island

Hello! Just a quick note to say that the print version of The Reluctant Bandit arrived on Monday. Yes, I’m late to posting. I was too wrapped up in trying to figure out some aesthetics. Things I had plenty of time to do while I was drumming my fingers waiting for the print copies to arrive.

Live and learn, people. Live and learn.

I wanted a nice way to thank you for your purchases as well as include an ask.

I’d love for you take pics of yourselves wearing the purple bandanas included with your book either sending the pics to me so I can share on my social media or posting them on your social media and tagging me. It was a lot of info to include on the little card I had. I was asking myself all sorts of questions (because I do talk to myself) while making a few prototypes.

Do I hand write the cards? Do I get something professionally done? I’m not always the best at making decisions.

Older, long-haired blonde man wearing a long sleeved blue shirt, holding a copy of The Reluctant Bandit, wearing a purple bandana
This is Roland, my cover artist and former coworker

I belabor. I ponder. I take “surveys.” I even started early on Canva so that I’d be ready when the books arrived, but didn’t get far. I waste a lot of time, but sometimes I do a lot of experimenting that churns up something worthwhile. So there’s that. A girl’s gotta try.

In addition to the purple love, I’m also throwing in emoji love, well, because I 💜 the emojis and stickers. My newsletter readers know how much I love emojis even when they went rogue and grew to “50 foot” status or even when some remained at “on steroid” status. I think that’s all settled itself, but you never know. 😉

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Join the fun and shenanigans! We’d love to have you.

You can buy the book here in my shop or at any major retailer. If you do buy from me, I hope you like all the swag I’ve included.

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~My readers are the best!

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