Profound Statement by the Wee One

The boys were sick, again, on Monday.  However, Stuart rallied pretty quickly and was non-stop into everything.  As an aside, he’s paying for it the past two days because he’s feeling worse than he did on Monday because he didn’t rest when he stayed home…we’ve had this lingering flu-like cold that has come equipped with a death-cough for weeks now.  Max was home with 103.5 temps off and on for a week, two weeks ago, but the rest of us has been gimping along.  It’s not been pretty. 

Max felt bad for me when he finally got up, which was around noon–he was so exhausted from coughing all night and the lingering cold.  I told him not to feel bad, if you’re sick you’re sick there’s no need to apologize.  He could tell Stuart was jumping on my last nerve by that point of the day.  He responds with how I had to stay home because of them and I told him immediately that my first job is to take care of them and you both needed the rest.  Then Stuart chimes in with, “Yeah, and your second job is to have fun with us.”  He said that with all seriousness.

Food for thought.
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