Pumpkin Spice is Back!

I might’ve been “robbed” on Monday but I’m o.k. with it.  There was a sign advertising the fall Starbucks drinks at the Safeway Starbucks–Pumpkin Spice Latte and Salted Caramel Mocha.  Yumm!  I gleefully went to the counter to order my beloved PSL (“Is it true that Pumpkin Spice is back?!!!”) and the barista looked stunned and was speechless until I said, “There is a sign over there–are they not in, yet?”  Hasty and nervous response, “Nooo–that starts tomorrow.”  He was nice and all and his look of dismay was actually a little funny; besides, I’ve been waiting this long, what’s another day, right?  He made me the best Caramel Macchiato I’ve had in a long time–so no sweat.

Yesterday I had a PSL and it was like euphoric music and magic elixar happening all at once.  I think the barista was actually more excited than me–can you believe that? 

These drinks did come with the “cooler” weather.  It’s not as insanely hot and the evenings and mornings are tolerable.  So I’ll continue to say that when the Pumpkin Spice arrives it’s “officially” fall in Phoenix–at least my tastebuds say it is.

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