Sabbatical, Non-Sabbatical

So I’m taking the quarter off, a sabbatical of sorts.  It’s not much of a sabbatical when I’m running the millions of errands I’ve put off and worrying about getting other work and research done and what I will return to when I go back.  A couple of my students are pretty sure (and worried) I’m not coming back.  If I keep having days like these, I’ll probably run back–early no less.

Chief asked me how my first day of the sabbatical went and all I could say was, “It was horrible!  I got nothing done!”

He laughed and said, “Day One: Sabbatical, terrible.”  Followed by, “It’ll get better.  It’s only the first day.”  I suppose this will be an exercise in planning and scheduling myself with myself which I’ve never been good at.  It’s very easy to blow myself off.  In fact, I’d like to take a vacation from my neurotic self but I haven’t figured out a way to do that.  Either way I’ll have to get my act together–figure out how to get work done or how to take a vacation from myself.  I won’t feel accomplished or rested unless I do one or the other.

I had planned on blogging Monday, when I read Jeff Goins’ post/challenge about blogging.  Yup, procrastinated on that one as well.  Blew myself off.  Well, as part of getting my sabbatical act together, I’m going to put the paddles to the blog and try to resuscitate it.  Meanwhile, I think I’ll go to my happy place…(I’d normally include a photo here but I seem to be having difficulties.  Par for the course, this week only!)

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