Skanks, Skinks and Skunks

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The Reptile Man came to Stuart’s class today and brought some of his reptilian friends.  Stuart was telling us about the creatures that came and we were asking him questions.  After a while, the conversation naturally died down (we were in the car).  Out of the blue, Stuart pipes up with “You know that lizard with the blue tongue?  What’s it called?  Have you ever seen one?”  I shout out, “Skank,” knowing (as soon as it left my lips) that wasn’t quite right but it was something close.  I haven’t used or heard that word in so long that the meaning didn’t really register with me.  Jon says, “Not Skank…”  I reply, “Oh, yeah, Skink.”  Pregnant pause and then laughter.  Luckily, the boys have no idea what that word means.  Jon & I bantered back and forth, “Yes, a Skink and maybe a Skunk, but not a Skank.” 

Cheap and cheerful entertainment.

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