Slow Boat of Happiness

It’s not that I’m unhappy, but I’m not feeling a lot of love and joy right now.  The back is feeling better, but I’m still not doing yoga or moving 100% and that is a downer.  I was talking to a friend a couple of weeks ago and she said something that had me responding, “Well, I’d like a little of that love and joy to come my way.”  She said, “You have love and joy.”  I said, “I know, but I’m just not feeling it.”  I know it’s there, but I’m just not finding or realizing what that is.  It’s like that elusive craving that you know is there and it’s very specific, but for the life of you you just aren’t placing it. 

I jokingly gave her the following analogy: It’s like the boat of happiness is a slow moving boat (tugboat slow) and everyone but me is on board.  It’s pulling its horn with the long, “Maaaaangh, Maaaaaaangh” as I’m on the dock with my Quasimoto back, draggin my one leg behind me, flailing my arms as I move towards the boat, yelling, “Waaait!  Waaait!”  The boat is moving so slow that–if I were able bodied–I could leap onto the deck, like they do in the movies.  I’m not fully functional, so there will be no jumping for me.  I said this as a joke, but I know there are times when we all feel as if we just missed something or are watching life go by and it’s difficult to piece together the whys and the what fors of it all.

Friends, I wrote this on November 17th–I’m fine.  I just thought the analogy was worth sharing.  Although there were a few days fairly recently where every story I could of told ended with, “and then I cried,” I’m alright. Maybe I’ll share that another time (I think those are funny, too)!

Here’s hoping that you make the leap onto your boat of happiness and have a wonderful weekend! 

P.S., so what if you fall, it’ll make a great story afterwards and at least you tried, right?

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