“Suggestion/Complaint” Box, a.k.a., the Bitch Box

I think I’m going to make a complaint box for our house.  One that’s just for me and no one else–my own personal Bitch Box.  I will lodge the nastiest complaints in this box & later I will burn them.  (The irony is I say I’ll do these things, yet I don’t think I have the courage or the patience to articulate some of the stuff swirling around in my head)  I suppose I could “suggest” things to myself, but I don’t really talk like that–the harshest I get there is “recommending” that some one “be quiet” or if really mad, “shut up.”  I know, still not very nice.  That’s why this box seems like such a great idea, today particularly.  I feel like the past couple of weeks have really worn on me & I no longer want to take it.  Thing is, where do you “put” it, whatever “it” happens to be?  Why you put it in the box and woe be to him who tries to peek in it, right?  You get enough complaints you can then burn them and start the merry process all over, again.  Kind of like the school run–you get in the car in the morning and drop the children off and do the same thing in the afternoon only in reverse, get in the car and pick up the children.  Cyclical, like the phases of the moon and the waves in the ocean or the fighting of politicians and the kvetching of the PTA moms (of which I am not, yet another story)–things you can always count on to reoccur.  Perhaps just having a Bitch Box in and of itself will cheer me and I won’t have to complain.  We’ll see about that.

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