• photo of a ground hog on a black background pasted on a purple wall

    My “New” Year Starts in February

    Well, Happy (belated) Ground Hog’s Day, Imbolc, and Lunar New Year! This time of year naturally feels more like a new year to me. Ever since I was little, I’ve had some feelings about the (Gregorian) New Year. It didn’t feel right. No particular reason, it just didn’t. But I really wanted it to feel right. The proposed freshness, possibility, dare I say the newness? Why wasn’t I excited like other people? Why did I feel “off” about the excitement, action, and possibility? I am now supposing this wasn’t my “new year.” 2022 is the first year that I’ve allowed January be a transition month which doesn’t fit into that…

  • The Death Star

    I was at the hospital waiting in pre-op (yes, my second surgery of the 2020) watching through the small opening of my curtain, biding my time. The staff marched around with great purpose and what looked like efficiency. Who am I to judge whether or not they were efficient? 🤷🏻‍♀️ They looked like they had a purpose and were carrying out their tasks without delay. I always knew there were different colored scrubs, but for some reason it struck me as interesting sitting in the pre-op. The brown transport scrubs contrasted more with the different shades of green/blue. It felt very much like what I would imagine being inside the…

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