• invite for a pop-up lead by Sage Adderly-Knox and invited guests Lynn M. Stout and Ami Hicken King. Dark blue background with light blue text and white text. Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 11:00 am PST. Dot, Line, Heart, Line, Dot gold logo and an outline of a piece of paper in gold.

    You’re Invited! Sage’s Pop-up for Writers

    Sage Adderly-Knox and Lynn M. Stout are two women I thank in my Gratitude section of The Reluctant Bandit. They, among other people and situations, are the reason I was able to get this book done. Friendly support and being seen and heard are huge. People often think that craft is the only thing they have to worry about when writing a book, but they focus on that to the detriment of the inner journey and conflict a writer goes through. If you can’t get past the stuck-ness inside you can’t write, no matter how many ideas you come up with and no matter how great the ideas are. I…

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