The Magic Shopkeeper

(Image courtesy of the Graphics Fairy http://www.graphicsfairy.blogspot.com/)
Once upon a time there was a magic shopkeeper.  She was the shy, quiet lady behind the counter who greeted every customer with warmth and friendliness but kept to herself until she felt her help was wanted or needed.  When she came out from behind the counter the real magic happened.  She knew exactly what would fit and work on the different bodies and personalities, even picking items that seemed so contrary and antithetical to her subject.  “No, no,” her subject would protest, “that would never work!” 
With enthusiasm and kindness she would insist that the items would work and gently suggested that the subject “try on” the outfit and that there wasn’t any obligation or hurt feelings if the subject didn’t like it/them.  The subject would take the item(s) to the dressing room with some doubt and misgivings only to spring out of it with great joy and pleasure on her face, “I can’t believe this works!  It looks wonderful!”  The magic shopkeeper assured the subject of the good match and was also very pleased at how nice the subject looked.  Everyone wins in this scenario because the subject has found a fantastic outfit that she may or may not have picked out for herself and the shopkeeper worked magic in matching an outfit with its proper person.  Everyone is happy, even the outfit–I’m sure of this because we are in a magical space. 
Every one needs a magic shopkeeper or a fairy godmother in his/her life.  The most magical shopkeepers often work in local boutiques—visit one!  I suppose you could live without one but what fun would that be? 
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