The Wanamaker Factor

Yesterday, Jon got a taste of synchronicity in action & perhaps a little of the supernatural (who knows?).  He was reading his hand held & chuckling, so I asked him what was so funny.  He told me a very roundabout story, but the bare bones is this: someone who manages all of the offices mentioned to a friend’s mother (she has to be very old) that Jon’s family is from Whidby Island.  It’s a small place, so when Jon asks people who say they’re from Whidby, “Do you know Wanamaker Road?”  there’s always a spark in their eye & a resounding yes.  He then tells them that was named after his mom’s family.

Apparently, this woman (the friend’s mother) had missed the school bus as a little girl and one of the Wanamakers had given her a ride home on his horse.  Can you imagine?!  Clearly, that was a while back.  At any rate, it’s crazy that someone from AZ can know someone from a remote island in WA and know the connecting person to that story (however distant Jon is to the actual story).  The craziest part?  It was Jon’s mother’s birthday yesterday.  It seemed to give him a little pause.  I told him his mom was “talking” to him.  What do you think?

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