They Don’t Like Having Their Pic Taken, Either…

mutts wearing cowboy hats

I so don’t like having my pic taken. I’ve never felt photogenic and when a good pic does come along, there are things. Little things, I have a strange outfit on (my bad), I look heavier (who needs that?), the photo itself is fuzzy (now that’s just sad for me), and I frequently have my mouth WIDE open or my eyes closed. In my mind, it’s a lose-lose situation.

You’re probably asking why I would do this to my dogs, then. Honestly? I couldn’t help myself. I’ve never had dogs who let me dress them up and I don’t really feel the need to. I think it’s funny, up to a point, then it seems kind of cruel. With that said, every once in a while I get a wild hair and want to either celebrate a holiday (bunny ears, reindeer ears, devil ears), so I get those little head bands with things on them. It’s easy on, easy off, and no one gets hurt. Generally. Occasionally, there’s bruised egos involved. Nothing a cookie can’t fix. But I wanted to get in the spirit of my first novel coming out so I bought cowboy hats. For dogs. 🤠🐕🐕. Technically, these are bandits in this first novel and not cowboys, but my choices are a little limited because of the nature of this crowd. By crowd, I mean dogs who don’t like costumes. It’s like trying to dress a pair of squirrels, which makes me rethink the need to dress them up, if that thought ever occurs to me. This was more of an impulse than an actual thought, per se. Couple that with the Amazon “buy” button and that’s where we find ourselves, having this conversation about that image.

Flight-risk Flanders, the white Shepard mix, was great with it, which really surprised me. Finnegan was okay with it, mostly because cookies were involved. By the time I snapped this pic, they were done with me, and that’s why I’m posting it. We finally corralled them together and they still had hats on their heads. I like this pic because they look so annoyed with me. That sounds so wrong as I write it, but it’s so true that I have to admit it. I was both pleased and annoyed with myself. I kind of live in that space. I’m also posting it because, today, I had my son take some pics of me for the “about me” page and that was its own ordeal. When things open up more, I’ll get a professional to help with the pics. The issues associated with having a pic take, well, no professional can help me that. We’ll just leave it at that.

Finnegan’s okay with it, until forced to sit with Flanders…
Flanders is just checking stuff out, pretending that he wan’t just forced to don a hat.

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  1. Ami, You made me laugh. Sometimes we just like to dress up our dogs…. 🐕
    Your opening statement of
    “All is not as it seems.” So very Zen. 😊 You did a great job on your site!

    1. Marguerite!

      So glad to see you, here! I’m glad I made you laugh–we do, don’t we? 🐕🐕 Dogs are the best ❤️❤️

      Thank you so much for you kind words. I had a really good instructor, Lisa Norman. She’s awesome.


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