Things I Wouldn’t Hate to Do: someone else’s bucket list 😳

Looking through the paned-glass window from a darkened room during broad daylight. There is a stretch of dead lawn and a large, bare tree with a smattering of green grass growing at its base up against a wooden fence. On the window sill are some vases.

My Things I wouldn’t hate to do list is an alternative way of viewing the bucket list, because I’m a not a super fan of saying “anti-bucket list.” I’m for living life not because you have to do things before you die but because you have this wonderful life to do as you please, you might as well fill it with as much joy and weirdness as you desire (by the way, a little goes a long way, Fabulous Fools).

Also, use the “good china” when and how you want.

A turquoise blue with gold swirls tea cup with white and gold trim on a matching saucer. Behind the tea cup are books and inside it are tiny rubber chickens. It's sitting on a wood bookshelf.
“Stars” in a stop motion film I posted on Instagram

There’s a small part of me that’s reticent about that really long name, especially since it’s much funnier to me when I say it. I also wonder if the phrase gets lost in translation, so to speak. You can’t always “read” tone. That’s the problem with the written word, isn’t it? Once it’s “out there” there’s not much you can do about it.

At any rate, I’m standing by my original choice, and I love it when people say “things I wouldn’t hate to do” to me!

Let’s make that a thing.

The name came about as a joke.

“I wouldn’t hate to do that” is what I said to Chia when I was trying to explain the feeling of the list I was creating. I was trying to find a name to describe the list of weird and offbeat things I wanted to do and write about for the Curiosities but it was sounding very much so like the dreaded bucket list. I joked that I should make a list of those things and we could do them, leading me to say (bringing the conversation full-circle because Chia wasn’t picking up what I was putting down), “You know, things I wouldn’t hate to do.”

Ah, trying to be clever has come full circle to bite me in the ass but I wouldn’t let it–I’m standing strong and this is going to be a series of posts:

Things I wouldn’t hate to do. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

At any rate, I found a fun bucket list (ugh, that phrase sits so heavily in my mouth and it’s the antithesis of what I just said, in some ways! 🤢). It’s called The Ultimate Bucket List of Historic General Stores. Now, that ‘s something I can get behind! The first location on the list is called Rabbit Hash General Store, in Kentucky.

Who wouldn’t want to visit a place with a name like that?!

Photo: Rabbit Hash MeetNKY

Of course, I immediately run to Chief telling him about this. 😶🤔 At least I put it on his radar. General stores and mercantiles–I really enjoy them because they’re so nostalgic–and I also have one in the opening scene of The Reluctant Bandit. The hipsters in Seattle were trying to bring back bare bones facsimiles of these in my old neighborhood but they didn’t fly. While they were cool to look at, they still had the Atelier feel of someone trying to be home-spun.

You know the places–they have 3 shirts, all in sizes that don’t fit anyone. Jimmy from The Lawman goes through a very similar situation in a mercantile in his story. Nothing fits him, so he has to have something made, leading him back to the heroine of his story. The difference is that Jimmy is not the size of regular folk. He’s as “big as a bull,” as Van Der Kamp likes to say. (The Lawman is riding out, soon!)

At any rate, the hipster “mercantiles” I was mentioning didn’t have what anyone really needed like a true general store or mercantile would. Fun to enter and check out but not so practical–and, ahem, no food. The ones on this list were at least real general stores at one point in time. They look like they still have enough “trueness” to them, historical validity, and a some/a lot of kitsch.

Check out this list, because there may be one close to you. There’s one in every larger region–including Alaska–except the SW and PNW which is interesting. California represents the west coast. And if you do go, have been, or have a similar place you think I should put on my list–let me know in the comments.

Happy travels and connections!

Give me a shoutout! 🤠

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  1. I love the concept of things I wouldn’t hate to do. Because I agree: the bucket list is a bit intense.

  2. Thank you! It’s grown on me, lol. Picture me imitating Joey from Friends doing his “not bad!” look with wide-eyed nodding and “approving” downturned lips, then saying, “I wouldn’t hate to do that.” 😂

    And yes, intense is a good way to describe bucket list.

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