Things I Wouldn’t Hate To Do: Texas edition

An image of Ms. Pearl the Squirrel from Berdall Pecan and Gift Company

Chief likes to watch a Netflix show called Somebody Feed Phil. I enjoy this show, too, but he tends to turn it on when he’s relaxing or killing time. I happened into the family room when he was watching the most recent episode with the boys: Austin. More specifically, Texas barbecue. I don’t know what I walked into, but boy, they were enjoying it.

This is from Phil’s website and the image of Ms. Pearl is from her company’s website.

The commentary. The discussion. The look of rapture on their faces.

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but they did look absorbed with the show. I saw what they were watching and then watched them watching it. That’s when I announced, it looks like we need to add that BBQ place (Leroy and Lewis) to our Things I wouldn’t hate to do list. We like Austin, so it’s essentially a “winner-winner-chicken dinner” sort of scenario.

In fact, we actually went to another one of Phil’s eats restaurants on the Vegas trip, Best Friend. It was all sorts of things Chief likes and so I said, we should see if we can make reservations. That trip was arranged around the B-52’s concert, which was so awesome. Wish we went to see them sooner (their concert in the 80’s was so long ago!). At any rate, we got a prime table in the kitchen–a giant u-shaped booth.

Chief loved it. There was a little trepidation on my part.

I felt like we were in the spotlight (not a fan–I’m kind of troll-like and like to eat privately, not on display). Not only was the table all by itself, it was bright whereas the general atmosphere in the main part of the restaurant was dark. We were also on a “platform” with the kitchen–higher than the other seating areas. It almost felt like a judging table on some sort of cooking competition show.

I’d show you a pic, but I only have selfies of us that didn’t show the kitchen table, and that won’t do. Trust me, we were tucked away “in” the kitchen–we were steps away from the cooking. The staff scurried past us on the way to the storage areas, and we had a side view of the entire kitchen as well as the interactions between the kitchen and waitstaff on the pickup line.

It proved interesting.

We could see everything that was going on, which included the kitchen break down because it was closing time. To the dismay of the kitchen, a very large party rolled in, insisting on being sat–there was a little front house/back house kerfuffle. I don’t even know how the group managed it because our waiter told us it was last call for food about ten minutes prior to their grand (and I mean grand) arrival, and the kitchen was being tidied…our waiter was not pleased with this group. Can’t say I blame him. The kitchen had stronger feelings about this group 😂

At any rate, it was great food and a fun atmosphere. I’m glad we went. I even got an unintended sideshow, lol. Thanks, Phil. 😉 That choice made it easier to say we need to pack up and visit Austin. Not right now, however. We have heat aplenty here. No need to travel for some more of the same. 🥵

Not but two days after seeing that episode, I received an email about a pecan pie vending machine and giant squirrel statue. Yeah, you heard me: squirrel. Berdoll Pecan and Gift Company.

Where do you ask? Just outside of Austin.

Hello. A sign.

This trip to Austin is officially on our active list. We just need to find a time during the winter a break. I will be posing with the squirrel despite my “in front of the camera adversity.” 🐿️ And this 14 foot creature is named! “Ms. Pearl.” 🥹

Any other Austin suggestions to visit/eat/do?

Give me a shoutout! 🤠

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