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I mentioned our dude ranch vacation and my riding boots taking a tour of Phoenix in Friday’s Tomfoolery a couple of weeks ago. Well, I ordered riding jeans, too. I’m feeling very City Slickers about the whole thing, but I’m also feeling like this is a necessarily evil. Showing butt crack just isn’t pleasant. For real, and for no person involved. Personally, I want to be comfortable and don’t want to expose myself. Besides, I have a thing about showing skin–okay on others not on me. (Of course, butt crack is the exception for all. Sorry plumbers, handymen, and cute women who think that doesn’t apply to them. Butt crack exposure doesn’t discriminate–it’s not good. 😬) For those who’ve been around me, lately–when was the last time you saw my arms? Quite a few years. My legs? Even longer. A little décolleté, wrists, and occasionally my feet. Plenty for public consumption (or fright) as far as I’m concerned.

Back to the jeans. I ordered a bunch to try on and one pair happened to be Wranglers. Wranglers, by the way, were not “cool” when I was kid. My mom tried to get me to buy a pair at the Navy base when I wanted a pair of “real” jeans. I wasn’t having it. It was bad enough she made me wear homemade clothing, albeit very cute and well-made with her loving and talented hands–she also made me wear dresses and skirts all the time. Come 3rd grade I finally rebelled. I wanted to be “normal.” Don’t laugh, it was my first bid for normalcy in a long search for the elusive “normal.” I still haven’t found it, by the way. Not even close.

So I love these jeans–they’re actually cute. Even if I didn’t, the tag alone makes me loves these jeans. I love the fit–I get waist gap like nobody’s business and this mitigates that. They’re comfortable and actually flattering–even with all the stitching on the rear. I don’t like looking like a wide screen TV or a billboard for whatnot. No need to emphasize the great expanse of denim that covers my backside.

So, winner, winner, chicken dinner. I’m keeping the tag as a reminder. “Practice makes perfect jeans…making it all look easy jeans…” Now you’re speaking my language.

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