Ticker Tape Parade

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We have a family member, who shall remain nameless, who seems to need a ticker tape parade every time she does something.  Every story she tells is one of daring and heroism and much like the dingy character of London on the silly tween show, “Suite Life on Deck,” she practically claps her hands and shrieks, “Yeah, me!”    As annoying as this is, what if we thought of it from a different perspective?  She really wants and needs affirmation, but to a certain extent, don’t we all?  I suppose sometimes we could use some extra kudos thrown our way.  It’s Christmas, so throw them a bone.  But, if this shift in perspective is too much for you or you find that you must do it way too often for your liking, you could always imagine the annoying person being bathed in the soft shimmer of a ticker tape parade while said person applaudes him/herself.  So, while these people are clapping and saying “yeah, me!” or are the star, yet again, of their own story and yours you are giving them the attention they desire and are peacefully watching them showered in bits of paper. 

Better, yet, give yourself a mental ticker tape parade and go to your happy place!

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