Treasure Hunt

We’ve had 2 treasure hunts this week and they were a lot of fun.  Out of the blue little man decided that he was going to create a treasure hunt and that big monkey and I were going to be the seekers.  The first day we were outside searching for his notes.  He had written little notes and tacked them onto the trees to lead us to the next clue and so on until we reached the treasure. 
We decided that was fun but since we were getting irrigation the next day and it was too hot to do in the afternoon (we had morning plans) we would do another one inside.  An elaborate process of creating notes and placing them ensued and then big monkey and I were allowed to start the search.  The second time it was harder to find the “treasure” because big monkey and I weren’t seeing the treasure with the same eyes as little man.  Of course big monkey had to point out that he didn’t think the treasure was really treasure but that’s a different story.  Little man had put it on the bookshelf which had both books and others items on it.  In the end it didn’t really matter because little man self-directed and then managed the two of us for a total of an hour and we had fun.  I loved how one took charge of creating the hunt and the other took charge of the search.  I can see why adults still play games involving finding treasures or hidden clues in city searches.  Plus, it beats Tuesday’s atomic outburst on my part…hands down. 
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