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You may not think this is funny, but it is one of those “seriously?” kind of ways or the more you hear it the funnier it becomes in a “Wayne’s World” sort of way.  When we were coming home from the airport we decided to go through the McDonald’s drive-thru to get something quick because it was well past lunch time and we hadn’t eaten since breakfast.  The first thing we hear from the speaker is that they are out of soda—they can only sell iced tea and water.  It reminded me of the time many years ago when Boston Market first came to the valley and we weren’t really sure what it would be like.  Being the very good married “bachelors” that we were (figure that one out on your own—I know you can do it, especially if you knew us back then—a hint, perhaps “bachelorly” would be a better word and, yes, it’s an oxymoron) we decided that trying this new place out was a most excellent idea and we enlisted our other married bachelor friend to go with us (her husband was on call).  Here’s a brief lowdown on how that went:
After much debating lone married bachelor decides that we should share a whole dark chicken meal and I agree.  Chief does his own thing.  We get to the register, ready to order and we are told—wait for it—they are OUT OF CHICKEN!  Have you ever heard of such a thing?  We thought the guy was being funny—joke was on us doubly because he had no sense of humor—and after a long pause we tried to order, again.  Him: No, we are out of chicken.  Us:  Seriously, you aren’t joking?  Him: No, not joking.  What can I get you?  Us:  Uh, no thank you, we have to leave now. 
So I ask you, if you sell chicken dinners as your main gig (because when Boston Market first came here that’s what they did, mostly chicken—perhaps they had to add all the other meats and whatnot because they kept running out of chicken…I couldn’t even begin to speak to such nonsense) how could you possibly run out of chicken?  Seriously, a chicken place running out of chicken?  McDonald’s not selling soda (they may have had a technical problem but that still doesn’t bode well for them)? 
When I was pregnant with my first child a Shamrock shake sounded very good.  It was weeks before St. Patrick’s Day and there wasn’t a Shamrock shake to be found (after being told “no” once I was on a mission–it was barely March!): “I’m sorry we’re all out of Shamrock Shakes…”  I find it funny that places stay in business with this kind of model.  Sigh.  This post must sound like I live for nasty quick food—while I do have my vices fast-food isn’t one of them.  It seems that every time I go to a place like that there is nonsense galore, although it does make for good storytelling later on.
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