Word of the Year: who’s doing one?

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I don’t always do a word of the year and they don’t always come to me in January. Some years, I’ll tool along and a word will strike me or I’ll see a pattern, realizing that I’ve stumbled upon my word of the year.

Last’s year came to me around March:

Funny that word “decided” to come to me after a few months, despite wanting a word of the year and actively thinking about it. Alas, nothing was sticking or even feeling right.

Eventually, decide slapped me upside the head and has stayed with me. Thankfully, it’s a word (as in an isolated word) that will linger. Why? Because it’s changed my perception and forced me to take action in a positive way.

Decide used to be a harsh internal tone. It was as I were failing at something and needed to correct that. This time around, and as a “word,” the tone was kinder and gentler. It also felt more empowering vs. the Decide, already! voice in my head.

The difference turned into a personal action versus a command from some impatient or intolerant inner critic.

This year’s word was even better. It came to me like a polite guest proffering something delicious. It felt right after rolling around in my head:

So many possibilities with magic! ✨

It’s magical that I’ve been owning my agency and making decisions. I know that may sound odd to some of you.

Well, of course you can decide. You do it every day!

True. Or facts, as my boys would say…

There are dozens of little decisions folk make every day without much thought or even realizing it and those are/become habits or defaults. These are the things that keep you functioning without a tremendous amount of overwhelm (teeth brushing, walking, etc). However, what I’m talking about is making choices based on my own needs or what I think will be best for the situation. I’m a reforming (working on it but not quite there) people pleaser and deciding hasn’t always been the safest or best choice for me.

That’s changing.

I’ve been making big and little decisions (that may or may not be popular) and they haven’t killed me or anyone else. (I had initially written that no one has “died.” Not true, many people have died but not because of my decisions) No one has been intentionally harmed. I’m alive and well. Very well, thank you, because there was a long period pre-deciding when I was not so well (and didn’t realize it 😬). So when magic invited itself in I was enchanted (no pun intended). I felt magical, powerful, and alive with possibility.

Blend possibility with all the changes from the past couple of years, add empowered because of the agency I allowed myself with intentional decision making, and bam! You have now have magic, baby.

It’s all magical and good. I want more of that, hence magic.

The New Year thing is a sticky wicket for me. You can read about when I really feel the new year starts and why (Feb) and a 2012 post about New Year‘s in general.

I like words that come to me because they keep me on the path. They are guiding lights when everything feels dark or when you feel lost. Keep in mind, you most likely aren’t lost–you probably temporarily veered off the path or found a better one to traverse. Your Word Friend can be helpful with discerning which it is and guide accordingly.

Do you have a word or mantra for 2024? I’d love to know.

In the meantime, I hope some magic finds you on the trail. ✨🤠

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