• Curious Donkeys and Connections, Horse Tales P. 2

    These are the resident donkeys on the Tumbling River Ranch. They’re a free range mother and son. I think that someone told one of the boys the mom is 40 years old! They’re worried about the son once the mom dies, because they are pack animals. Yes, I was wiping a tear from my eye and rapid-fire asking questions the boys didn’t have answers to. They’re both very sweet and are always together. They wander around the property–I’m not sure if they actually belong to the ranch or if they just watch out for them. Anyone can pet them and they just stand there and enjoy it. They came right…

  • Oatman, Arizona

    One of my many obsessions is with horses and donkeys. Last fall break, I convinced The Chia (my younger son) to go on a road trip with me to Oatman, Arizona. Oatman is known for its wild donkeys, descendants of the donkeys prospectors released when mining dried up (simplified version). According the man running the jail “tour,” Oatman was a ghost town 2 times over. At any rate, these creatures roam around the streets doing what they want. Have you ever seen the Honey badger memes, the narrated videos of actual honey badgers? These donkeys are the equine counterpart to that–they don’t give a đź’©. At any rate, the rest…

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