• Annie Oakley pointing a handgun in the air

    National Left-Handers Day, Horse Tales P. 3 (late post)

    At Tumbling River Ranch, there was the option to trap shoot–they taught you what you needed to know. I’ve never shot, before. I’m not sure I’ve ever really held a gun–not even my brother’s old BB gun. 🤔 Nope. Never held a gun (squirt and Nerf guns don’t count). I’ve heard about skeet shooting, but not trap. I had to look up the difference. I also personally experienced the serious nature of eye dominance. A couple of the guests were talking about eye dominance as we were loading into the van to go shooting (a different person each time). I’m talking six inch difference in my case (boy, I really…

  • Curious Donkeys and Connections, Horse Tales P. 2

    These are the resident donkeys on the Tumbling River Ranch. They’re a free range mother and son. I think that someone told one of the boys the mom is 40 years old! They’re worried about the son once the mom dies, because they are pack animals. Yes, I was wiping a tear from my eye and rapid-fire asking questions the boys didn’t have answers to. They’re both very sweet and are always together. They wander around the property–I’m not sure if they actually belong to the ranch or if they just watch out for them. Anyone can pet them and they just stand there and enjoy it. They came right…

  • My Horsey Bestie, Tatanka (Horse Tales, Pt. 1)

    Last week we went to Tumbling River Ranch in Grant, CO. Initially, the plan was to write about the horse I was paired with, but the trip was rich with insights that I decided to write a few Horse Tale installments. I couldn’t pick one focus, so I decided to write a few different things and spread them out. I’m being punny with the “tale” portion of this, but I’m totally serious when I say that this is one of our better trips. We had an awesome time, including our teens who half-heartedly agreed to the dude ranch trip. 🤷🏻‍♀️ With that said, they’d wholeheartedly go back. Today’s installment is…

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