Happy 4th of July!

The boys were in the pool swimming and the 5 year old figured out that he can be under water and still breathe, if he took apart the pool cleaner and used its hose to get air.  This isn’t really a new idea for him but it was the first time he used the hose to do this.  It’s very long and awkward.  As I watched him I was impressed with his ease of dismantling and off the cuff thinking (we don’t scuba or snorkel and we live in the desert).  He noticed that I was watching him and wanted me to “feel his hot air” come out of the hose.  He was applying the principle of what comes in must go out.  Of course, as with all little boys, this act of ingenuity turned into another which led to total monkey mayhem.  It went a little like this—if I can move air in this why don’t I just use it to “send” water into my brother’s face?  This was in part a diversion tactic, because he didn’t want his brother to do his new trick.  I can hear him thinking, yes, we’ll send water back and forth to each other but I’ll get him good, first.  The proverbial “killing 2 birds with one stone”–not my favorite proverb but a very descriptive one.  Any way, soon they were jumping with the hose and making “farty” noises with it.  They were giggling like a couple of little girls.  I usually ride these little guys like a skateboard but I let it go because they figured out a little science on their own and they were having a whole lot of fun that didn’t involve brawling with each other.  Besides, I needed a break from being the zoo keeper/task master and they weren’t doing any real harm, right?
Enjoy your holiday!
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